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PCR test

PCR test stands for polymerase chain reaction test. This test shows pieces of genetic material of the coronavirus in the swab from your throat and nose. In a laboratory, the pieces of genetic material found are copied and multiplied. Our PCR test for COVID-19 is an RT-PCR. We offer different types of PCR tests. Below you can read what these tests entail.


NAAT PCR – Rapid €109,95

With the PCR – Rapid test, the results will be sent within 4 hours. The test is processed during peak hours, so you get your results faster than with the PCR – Economy test. This test gives a faster result than the NAAT PCR – Economy test and is cheaper than the NAAT (PCR) Test – Last Minute.

  • Fast result
  • Result within 4 hours
  • With international travel certificate
PCR Test

PCR – Economy €89,95

You will receive the results of the PCR – Economy test within 16 hours. We process the test in our laboratory during off-peak hours. This allows us to offer the Economy test for a cheaper price. We reccomend this test if you want to go for a cheaper option and it is acceptable that your result comes a little later.

  • Bestseller
  • Result within 16 hours
  • International travel certificate

NAAT (PCR) Test – Last Minute €159,95

With the NAAT (PCR) Test – Last Minute you will get your results very quickly, within 30 minutes! We process your test directly at the test location, using our state-of-the-art machines. This way we can guarantee that you will always receive your results within 30 minutes. We recommend this test if you really need a last minute result.

  • Fastest result in the Netherlands – within 30 minutes
  • Validated by the RIVM
  • International travel certificate

With travel certificate

Globally recognized certificate suitable for international travel (this applies to the PCR test and in some cases the rapid test).

Quick result

You will receive the result of the rapid test within 30 minutes. The PCR test result is available on the same or the next day.

Validated by the RIVM

The tests we use have been validated by the RIVM (Dutch Health Organisation).

Open daily

Open 7 days a week. Schedule a test appointment easily and quickly (online).

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Why a PCR test?

In many countries it’s mandatory to present a negative PCR test upon arrival in the country. In this way countries try to prevent further spread of the virus. The PCR test is mainly used to facilitate your upcoming trip. Check the website of the Dutch government to find out which test you need for your trip.

PCR-test Venray

PCR test in detail

The PCR test (polymerase chain reaction test) is the most used and reliable test where you receive an international travel certificate. Pieces of genetic material of the coronavirus can be detected by means of a mucus sample from the throat and nose. We send the sample directly to our ISO-certified laboratory, where we work exclusively with the fastest machine in Europe. The test therefore indicates whether you are currently infected with the new coronavirus or not.

naat test

How is the PCR test administered?

By a swab with a cotton swab out of the nose and throat. The mucus that is extracted with this contains the genetic material RNA, and with this we can determine whether you are infected or not. After the sample has been collected, we send it to our laboratory in a hermetically sealed tube. Our laboratory is the only one in the Netherlands that uses a machine that processes the results within an hour and a half. However, this does not mean that you will receive your results within an hour and a half.

FAQ about the PCR test

Yes, all PCR tests for the coronavirus are RT-PCRs. RT stands for Reversed Transcription. Since a PCR requires double-stranded genetic material and the coronavirus is an RNA virus, the single-stranded RNA must first be converted into double-stranded material. This process is called Reversed Transcription.

The price differs per PCR test:

  • PCR – Rapid costs €99,95 each.
  • PCR – Economy costs €79,95 each.
  • NAAT (PCR) Test – Last Minute costs €149,95 each.

You will receive an international travel certificate, if you tested negative.

You can expect the following of the PCR – Economy, PCR – Rapid and the NAAT (PCR) Test – Last Minute:

  • We ask you to blow your nose;
  • After this we first take a swab from your throat. It is important that your mouth is wide open. We may ask you to say ”aaa” so that the pharynx is wider;
  • After we’ve taken the swab out of the throat, we use the same cotton swab to take a swab out of the nostrils. For this we ask you to tilt your head back, so that the cotton swab can enter the nose more easily;
  • The swab goes deep into the nose and we spin it around for a few seconds. Your eyes can get teary or you can start sneezing, that’s normal;
  • After the throat and nasal swabs are made, we put the cotton swab in a tube with liquid;
  • We send the test sample from the PCR – Economy and the PCR – Rapid in a tube to our laboratory. You will receive the result in your e-mail within 24 hours.
  • The NAAT (PCR) Test – Last Minute is analyzed directly at the test location by our PCR machines. You will receive the result in your email within 30 minutes.

You will receive the results faster with the PCR – Rapid test than with the PCR – Economy test. The following applies: Test before 12 p.m. = result around 1.30 a.m. Therefore this test takes precendence over the PCR – Economy test in the laboratory.

  • Faster than the PCR – Economy test and cheaper that the NAAT (PCR) Test – Last Minute
  • Validated by the RIVM
  • International travel certificate

We will send the results of a PCR – Economy test within 24 hours. The test is processed in our laboratory during off-peak hours, so we can guarantee you that you will receive the results within 24 hours. The PCR – Economy test is a perfect fit if you are not in a hurry and you want a cheaper test.

  • Most economical choice
  • Result within 24 hours
  • International travel certificate

With the NAAT (PCR) Test – Last Minute you will get the result very quickly, within 30 minutes! We process your test at the test location with our ultramodern machines, that’s why you will get your result this quick. The NAAT (PCR) Test – Last Minute test is recommended if you really need your test result last minute.

  • Fastest result of the PCR test
  • Validated by the RIVM
  • International travel certificate

The following is stated on the certificate:

  • Full name
  • Test type
  • Order number
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Document number (passport/ID card)
  • How the test was administered
  • Date and time of the test administration
  • Date of the test result
  • Test result
  • Name and signature of the doctor
  • Name of the laboratory
  • ISO certification

Does the test hurt?

First of all, we will make sure that you feel as comfortable as possible. The person who is taking the test will explain what will happen, step by step. You will be asked to blow your nose first, them tilt your head upwards and breath through your mouth. This ensures a relaxed face, making it easier for the person who is taking the test to work. Most people experience the nasal test as less pleasant. However, this doesn’t mean it hurts.

  • people with a medical condition or children under 12 months must send an email to us before the appointment.

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Do not forget to bring a valid ID to the test location. Please note: At the location we will ask you for your Citizen Service Number, your document number, your zip code and your house number. If you do not have this with you, we cannot take the test.

Do you want to cancel? You can do this easily up to 24 hours before your appointment via the link sent in the confirmation email. If you cancel up to 24 hours in advance, a partial refund will be made. We charge €10,- administration costs. If you cancel outside this period, no refund will be made.

Please note: Group booking discount will be applied when details are entered.