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Coronatest afspraak maken inclusief internationaal certificaat om te reizen

Corona test United Kingdom

Last updated on: 29-4-2022
All entry restrictions for the United Kingdom have been lifted. You no longer have to do a coronatest before departure. This could change, so you may want to err on the safe side of caution and book a PCR test at With us, you receive an international travel certificate in the event of a negative test result.

Check the Government website for the most up-to-date information.


NAAT PCR – Economy

€119.95 € 89.95 per test
You save €30!

Download your test result in the CoronaCheck app!

  • Best value for money
  • Result within 12 hours
  • International travel certificate

Booked within 2 minutes!

NAAT PCR – Rapid

€159.95 € 109.95 per test
You save €50!

Download your test result in the CoronaCheck app!

  • Results within 4 hours
  • With international travel certificate

Booked within 2 minutes!

Rapid Antigen Test

€59.95 € 49.95 per test
You save €10!

Download your test result in the CoronaCheck app!

  • International travel certificate (not accepted worldwide)
  • Results within 30 minutes

Booked within 2 minutes!

With travel certificate

Globally recognized certificate suitable for international travel (this applies to the PCR test and in some cases the rapid test).

Quick result

You will receive the result of the rapid test within 30 minutes. The PCR test result is available on the same or the next day.

Validated by the RIVM

The tests we use have been validated by the RIVM (Dutch Health Organisation).

Open daily

Open 7 days a week. Schedule a test appointment easily and quickly (online).

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What is the PCR test?

The PCR test (polymerase chain reaction test) is the most widely used and reliable test where you receive an international travel certificate. The test shows pieces of genetic material of the coronavirus by means of a mucus sample from the throat and nose. We send the slime collection to our ISO-certified lab, where we work with the fastest machine in Europe. Hereby you will receive an international travel certificate in English, by secure e-mail.

PCR-test reizen

What is the rapid test?

The rapid test shows within 15 minutes whether there are antigens of the coronavirus in your mucus sample. You will receive the results in approximately 30 minutes. Antigens are proteins that are on the outside of the coronavirus. If the test is positive, we know for sure that you carry corona in your mucous membrane and that you can be contagious. With a negative test you are probably not contagious, but because very small amounts of virus can be missed, we cannot rule this out.

Book your appointment

Book your test appointment: quick and easy!

Do not forget to bring a valid ID to the test location. Please note: At the location we will ask you for your Citizen Service Number, your document number, your zip code and your house number. If you do not have this with you, we cannot take the test.

Do you want to cancel? You can do this easily up to 24 hours before your appointment via the link sent in the confirmation email. If you cancel up to 24 hours in advance, a partial refund will be made. We charge €10,- administration costs. If you cancel outside this period, no refund will be made.