Book an appointment for a corona test in Alkmaar

Do not forget to bring your passport or ID with you to the test location. If you want to make multiple appointments, each person has to book separately in the booking system with his / her personal data.

Test address: Laat 113, 1811 ED
Opening hours mon-sun: 07:00 - 21:00
PCR-Economy: results within 24 hours

With travel certificate

Globally recognized certificate suitable for international travel (this applies to the PCR test and in some cases the rapid test).

Quick result

You will receive the result of the rapid test within 30 minutes. The PCR test result is available on the same or the next day.

Validated by the RIVM

The tests we use have been validated by the RIVM (Dutch Health Organisation).

Open daily

Open 7 days a week. Schedule a test appointment easily and quickly (online).


Corona Test Alkmaar

Do you live near Alkmaar and do you want to do a corona test? Then visit our test location on Laat 113. You can go to this location for a rapid antigen test or a PCR test. This location is open every day and is wheelchair accessible.

Do you not live near Alkmaar? Check out our other test locations on our homepage. There are more than 130 in the Netherlands.

Sneltest Zeist

Accessibility of the test location in Alkmaar

The location in Alkmaar is wheelchair accessible and easily accessible by bicycle, as a pedestrian, by car and by public transport. The car park at the Grote Kerk and the Singel car park are within walking distance. Note: Only come by public transport if you are free of complaints.


Rapid antigen test or PCR test in Alkmaar?

Both the PCR test and the rapid antigen test show the coronavirus. You will receive a travel certificate with both tests if you have been tested negative. Are you going on a trip? Check in advance what requirements your country of destination has. Not all countries accept the rapid antigen test. With the PCR test, the genetic material is multiplied, so that even very small particles of the virus can be detected. This makes the PCR test the most sensitive test. The rapid antigen test does not multiply, so very small amounts of the virus are sometimes not detected. The rapid antigen test is therefore slightly less reliable than the PCR test.


which tests can I book at the Alkmaar location?

You can book an appointment for the following tests at the location in Alkmaar:

  • Rapid antigen test for €39.95
  • PCR Economy for €79.95
  • PCR Rapid for €99.95

PCR – Rapid

€159.95 € 99.95 per test
You save €60!

  • Test before 2 p.m. = result around 1.30 a.m.
  • Test after 2 p.m. = result within 24 hours
  • With international travel certificate

The PCR test stands for polymerase chain reaction and this test specifically shows whether or not you are infected with the new coronavirus. It is the most reliable and used corona test. During this test, copies of part of the virus are made. This is called a multiplication test. The PCR test has been validated and is administered under the supervision of our BIG registered medical director. A negative result will be accompanied by a NON-COVID statement in English. With this certificate you can travel with peace of mind.

PCR-test griekenland

Rapid Antigen Test

€49.95 € 39.95 per test
You save €10!

  • Validated by the RIVM
  • International travel certificate (not accepted worldwide)
  • Results within 30 minutes uses a rapid test of the brand “Roche Diagnostics”, validated by the RIVM. This rapid test is taken by means of a smear from the nose. This rapid test is reliable and affordable. You will receive the result by e-mail within 30 minutes. Pay attention! In case of a negative result, the quarantine guidelines of the RIVM continue to apply, if you have been in close contact with someone with Corona.


PCR – Economy

€119.95 € 79.95 per test
You save €40!

  • Best value for money
  • Result within 24 hours
  • International travel certificate

With a PCR Economy test (€ 79,95) you will receive your test result the next day before 6 pm. The pooling method is used in this test. We recommend this test if you want to go for a cheaper option and you do not need your result right away.

The PCR test has been validated and is administered under the supervision of our BIG registered medical director. A negative result will be sent including a NON-COVID statement in English. With this certificate you can travel with peace of mind.

Sneltest Vlissingen

NAAT (PCR) Test – Last Minute

€189.95 € 149.95 per test
You save €40!

  • International travel certificate
  • Validated by the RIVM
  • Fastest result in the Netherlands (30 minutes)

How works

The process in short:


Book your appointment online

Book your appointment quickly and easily at a desired time. You will immediately receive a confirmation by email.


Tested within 5 minutes

When you are on time, you will be tested within 5 minutes. You can then go home immediately.


Your test result

You will receive the results of your corona test after 30 minutes, of the PCR test the same or the next day.


Good to know

Do not forget to bring you passport or ID. Payment takes place online when booking your appointment.