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Pain in the lower abdomen, strange discharge and pain during sex are important symptoms of chlamydia. Did you know that chlamydia is more likely to cause no symptoms at all? We do! Therefore, we advice you to get tested for an STD every year. Order your chlamydia STD test below.

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Chlamydia and Gonorrhea

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Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Mycoplasma

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How can I test if I have Chlamydia?

If you think that you have been infected with Chlamydia, then it’s important that you get tested as soon as possible. In order to minimize the risk of false positive results, it’s important that you wait at least two weaks after having sex. If you have any symptoms that match the STD Chlamydia, then you should get right away. Having multiple sex partners and being sexually active are also important factors that people should consider when it comes to getting tested for Chlamydia.

Our Chlamydia test is easy to take, anywhere. The instructions are clear and will help you know exactly how to use it. After taking the test, you can send it to the laboratory for analysis. You can request your results online within 24 to 36 hours* after the sample has arrived in the lab. Orders placed on working days before 11 PM are delivered the next day.

*For a test with Mycoplasma genitalium, this is after 36 to 48 hours.


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  • Chlamydia is the most common STD in the Netherlands.
  • It is caused by the bacterium: Chlamydia trachomatis.
  • Usually, Chlamydia does not cause any symptoms.
  • Chlamydia can be easily treated with antibiotics.
  • Without treatment, Chlamydia can have serious consequences.
  • When in doubt, get tested.

What is Chlamydia?

In the Netherlands, Chlamydia is regarded as the most common sexually transmitted disease. The bacteria that causes this infection can be fond in the mucous membranes of one’s penis, anus, throat, or vagina. If you think that you have been infected with Chlamydia, then it’s important that you get tested as soon as possible.

What are the symptoms?

After engaging in unprotected sex with someone infected, you may experience symptoms within 7 to 21 days. However, many people don’t experience symptoms when infected with Chlamydia. To illustrate, 10% of infected people who have a vagina show symptoms. The percentage of people with a penis that shows symptoms is 50%.

Think you may be infected? Then pay attention to the following symptoms:

  • Pain in the lower abdomen or scrotum
  • Pain during sex or when urinating
  • Discharge (different or more than usual)

Below, we describe various symptoms per body part.

Symptoms of Chlamydia: Penis

Chlamydia can grow or settle in the urethra of the penis; this can cause transparent to yellowish-green fluid to leak from your urethra, especially in the morning. You may also experience pain when urinating and a swollen or painful scrotum. In half of the cases, there are no symptoms of Chlamydia of the penis, so even without symptoms, you can still carry and pass on the STI.

Symptoms of Chlamydia: Vagina

Wow! In up to 90% of the cases, vaginal Chlamydia does not cause any symptoms. Therefore, it is important for you to get tested regularly. Always use a condom or dental dam unless you are confident that you and your sexual partner don’t have Chlamydia.

With vaginal Chlamydia, the following symptoms occur:

  • More or different discharge than usual
  • Pain during sex or when urinating
  • Pain in the lower abdomen
  • Bleeding while not having your period, for example, during sex

Symptoms of Chlamydia: Anal and oral

Anal Chlamydia can cause irritation and itching. It can also cause discharge in your faeces, or it can cause diarrhea. Chlamydia in the throat is not common and rarely causes symptoms.

Are you experiencing symptoms affecting your eyes that Chlamydia could cause? We advise you to visit your doctor for a test.

I tested positive; now what?

Have you tested positive for Chlamydia? Don’t worry; Chlamydia is easily treated with antibiotics. So don’t be ashamed and call your doctor. Your doctor will explain how the treatment works. Would you like to know what to expect? Click on the button below and read everything about what to expect when you have tested positive for Chlamydia.

Tested positive for Chlamydia

Frequently asked questions

Our STD tests are analyzed by an ISO-certified laboratory. If you follow the administration instructions carefully and you do not administer the test earlier than 14 days after the last sexual contact, the result you receive from us is just as reliable as when you receive the result from the GP or GGD.

Read more about the reliability here.

Our STD test has several advantages compared to an STD test at the GP or GGD:

  • You stay anonymous: Only you know that you are getting tested and only you get to know the results. Your doctor will not be informed (unless you prefer it, of course).
  • It’s time saving: You won’t have travel waiting times. You will receive the results after 24 to 36 hours.*
  • It’s cheap: Our STD tests are cheaper than those of the GP.
  • Privacy and comfort: You can take an STD test from in your own environment, without compromising on quality or reliability.

*For a test with Mycoplasma genitalium, this is after 36 to 48 hours.

With self-tests, you get the result almost immediately, but these are often less reliable. The test may miss an STD or give an incorrect result. In a study by the Maastricht Infection Center, one Chlamydia self-test from the drugstore scored 12% on specificity. That means that 88% of people with a positive result do not have Chlamydia!

The advice is, therefore, to do an STD test analysed in a lab, like our at-home tests. You take our STD test yourself and then send it to the laboratory.

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